Eco-Friendly Home and Office Cleaning

Miele C3

Using only non-toxic cleaning products and top of the line Miele vacuum cleaners, Your Hearts Desire offers intensive cleaning as well as regularly scheduled home and office maintenance. Some of our regular clients have used our services for over 20 years-that’s how good we are! Our housekeepers will follow a regimen tailored for your home and needs; a regimen that is convenient to your schedule and therefore does not disrupt your life while we restore cleanliness and order to your environment. We make sure your house is clean, straightened, and welcoming to you and your guests. A clean environment can provide you peace of mind.

Services we provide:

  • Intensive deep cleaning, window washing, power washing, etc.
  • Regular weekly or every other week maintenance
  • Pre/Post Party Cleaning
  • Short term vacation rental cleaning and maintenance
  • Move out/Move in Clean

(Standard housecleaning hourly rates are between $35 and $40, but may vary with size or intensity of job. Please email for further details)