ShoppingAlthough most of us like to shop for things we want, shopping for things we need can be a real chore. For instance, let’s say you’ve decided to get a pressure washer to clean the mildew that keeps building up on the patio. What kind of machine will be adequate for the task? Where is the best place to buy them or get them serviced? How much do the darn things generally cost? We will do the research to help you decide which is the best product or, if you prefer, you can just give us some limits – both in features and cost – and we’ll deliver the item to your door. If the item needs to be returned, we’ll do so.

Other typical shopping chores we do for our clients are:

  • Grocery shopping – Grocery lists may be updated regularly to make sure your pantry is stocked with the supplies you always need as well as the goodies you are hankering for right now. If you want to support the Austin Farmer’s Market but can’t go, we’ll go for you.
  • Personal shopping – We’ll go to Home Depot, Lowe’s or even Target. We’ll go shop in all those places you don’t want to go, but someone has to. From picking up items from your local store or from the pharmacy to polishing off your entire holiday gift list, we can get the goods to you and whomever you choose – on time.
  • Wrapping and delivery services – Buying a gift is often only just the beginning of a shopping chore. We can get your gifts to their recipients looking beautiful and in time for the occasion, whatever it may be. No more birthday gifts wrapped in funny papers!